Why Holiday In Wildwood, Nj

Going to Wildwood next summer? Thinking around Wildwood or another Jersey Shore town? Wildwood is an amazing shore town choice! Why? Wildwood has all that the other towns have to give you and more.


It has the best beaches and they are really free. You have the option of renting such a diverse range of homes or motels and hotels. There is a great array of prices. You can rent a low cost motel or studio or rent extra oceanfront home or condo. Wildwood has it all. Assuming you have not been to Wildwood since before the housing increase, it will look a lot different to you. Many hotels/motels have been completely torn down and many new condos and large resorts have been completely built. Even though Wildood has changed so much throughout the years, you can still find the Retro Doo-Wop hotels. Look for other articles as I will fill you in more on the various newer resorts.


Wildwood also has one of the best boardwalks around the Jersey Shore, if not THE best. It has rides for a lot of ages. There are 3 piers of rides and a few waterparks. There are many kiddie rides to extreme rides with players like "Springshot" "SkyScraper" or "Screamin Swing" on Morey's Piers and most rides in between. There are many arcade places you could choose as well. We love to go to the boardwalk and sample the good boardwalk type food, then simply do a small amount of rides, play a few games, taste all the shine water samples, and then get some ice cream and polish water while we people watch. And oh absolutely yes, "watch the tram car please"!


Speaking of boardwalk diet, Wildwood also has a huge selection of food/restaurants you could choose. You can find great boardwalk food like hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, pizza and of course great lemonade, ice solution, polishes ice, and cotton candy to name a small amount of items! If you choose to not eat on that boardwalk, you can find a pub for beer and even sandwiches, or an upscale restaurant. Wildwood has it every! Nearby Cape May also have great restaurants.


Another reason we love Wildwood is once our children were born, as younger kids they needed a pool in addition to ocean and sand. Many places in Wildwood have private pools. Most of the hotels and motels have pools, but probably the private condos and homes have them as clearly. Sea pointe Village has 4 pools, one of them for an indoor/outdoor pool. There is an indoor water park on top of that in a hotel called Montego Bay resort. I need to know anything about it, but I have seen it. Moreover it has an outdoor pool.


There are miniature golfing, court tennis courts, public basketball court. There are night teams and hotels with nighttime entertainment. You can find Irish discos, sports bars, and dance clubs as well as classic time saloons, and much more.


There is always a product happening in Wildwood. There are motorcycle races on that beach to car shows, craft shows, Irish Weekend, Fireman's day, kite flying, motor boat races on the lake, exercise bike week, etc. the town is always hopping. The Convention Center draws crowds in the artists and musicians that come to entertain. Wildwood does not fall asleep after Labor Day.


Once you and your family have made the trek down to Wildwood Crest NJ and spent the night in one of their hotel’s you will be a customer for life.  Many like the Gold Crest are family owned and pride themselves on customer service.  Are you looking for a down to earth hotel to relax and enjoy everything there is to be offered? This is the place that you must think to hotels wildwood nj or hotels wildwood crest nj for your vocation.


Wildwood Crest Hotels is part of The Wildwoods which is a group of communities in the Cape May County of NJ.


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